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Eco FootprintWhen Bremer County (Iowa) ended its county-wide recycling program in the fall of 2007, communities were left on their own to find operational alternatives. Representatives met in the spring of 2009 and it was concluded that the idea of working together to collect, process and market recyclable materials would more likely lead to success than each town doing it on their own. A 28-E agreement was put together creating the East Bremer Regional Recycling Authority.

Champions from each town worked hard to overcome resistance, doubt and indifference.

Each community contributed $7,500 in start-up money to the cause. This seed money went to purchase equipment, trailers and containers for recyclables. EBRRA designed a program to encourage voluntary recycling in order to reduce solid waste and transportation costs to the landfill. Recyclable materials are collected in the three towns.

Materials from Readlyn and Tripoli are transported to a processing facility in Sumner where they are baled along with materials collected in Sumner. EBRRA pays a rental fee to the City of Sumner for a portion of the Sumner Recycling Facility.

EBRRA created education and awareness around the process, and holds a well-attended open house twice a year. The Sumner Facility is a popular field classroom for science classes, scouts, senior citizens and other groups.

The achievements have far exceeded anyone’s initial expectations. Since October 1, 2009, (through 2010) EBRRA has diverted from the landfill, processed and shipped 260 tons of recyclable materials. This is a significant accomplishment considering a combined population of the cities of less than 4,000 residents.

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